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“Clearing out our closet is a metaphor for clearing out images about ourselves that don’t fit our life anymore. As we clear what doesn’t work anymore, we make room for what does.”

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About Me

I have been working in fashion for over twenty years. I began as a personal shopper. Even as a teenager, people hired me to find special items and gifts. I have always just loved seeing what people need, understanding how they can look their best. 

I opened my own store, Dari,  which I ran for over a decade. I loved every minute of it. Dari was a destination where people loved to shop and hang out. A place where everyone was treated like they were important. There was a long list of celebrity clientele who came in weekly for styling and shopping. We styled clients for red carpet, award shows, and of course just for daily life. In my store, I had a simple mission statement: "to make every client feel better about themselves when they left than when they came in."  I have stayed true to that, always.  Now, I translate all of that to my client's closets...

My television appearances include featured spots on Style Network Style Star, E! News, E! Fashion Police, Access Hollywood and TLC, A Makeover Story. I have served as a style critic for Style File and DailyCandy. Articles on me and my store have appeared in In Style Magazine, Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Magazine. My previous clients have been featured in In Style Magazine, US MagazineIn TouchPeople and Life and Style, Los Angeles Times, and more.

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About Closet Sage

Gently letting go of clothes and old stories about what looks good and what doesn't.

Closets tend to take on our clutter and our emotional attachments. These attachments compel us to keep things longer than we should. It's hard to part with our 'things' for many reasons. Sometimes, there are memories attached, sometimes it's a splurge that is now old/tired or never was flattering and we have to admit the mistake. And, sometimes, it's a size we are either hoping to fit in or dreading we will need...whatever the reason, we all need someone who will gently guide and help us to let it go.  

Our closets are literally places in ourselves that we don't show to people. I fully understand this and understand that this needs to be looked at as a sacred place. One, where everything we keep should be intentionally chosen. Then, placed with love and gratitude in it's right place. The experience becomes so much more than just moving clothes actually is a cleansing. One that will leave you freed from old, heavy feelings- some that you didn't know were there. 

Once your space is freed from clutter, I will organize, separate into seasons, rehang, color code, and refold... You will be left with an area and a heart, that feels fresh, clear and easy to navigate. 

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My Goal

I want to make sure that each client feels better about themselves, their body, and their wardrobe when I leave than when I came in.


 $125 an hour

The Closet Awakening: 3 hour minimum

Includes wardrobe edit and closet organization. Together, we will thoughtfully  review each item in your closet. Once that is done, the reorganization will begin. I will hang (on new hangars that I provide), color code, and separate by season. You will be left with a closet that feels fresh, new, and easy to navigate.

In the end, I will make 4 piles: donate, consign, tailor, and toss. I will take care of the piles for you and supply you with the tax receipt for the donation and send you all the consign information.

The Closet Transformation: 4 hour minimum

Includes the wardrobe edit and closet organization from Closet Awakening and also includes organization and editing of every drawer as well. Your closets and drawers will be color coded, refolded and seasonally arranged. We will go through outfits of your existing clothes and discuss the holes in your wardrobe that need filling.  

I will make 4 piles (same as Closet Awakening) donate, consign, tailor, and toss. I will take the clothes for donate and consign and provide you with the tax deduction receipts and consign information.

The Closet Cleanse: 1 hour minimum

This choice is for people who have previously worked with me and done either the Awakening or the Transformation within the last year. I will come over and I will refresh the organization. I will change out the closet to work in the current season and we can discuss what fashion obsessions you may be missing!


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