$125 an hour

The Closet Awakening: 3 hour minimum

Includes wardrobe edit and closet organization. Together, we will thoughtfully  review each item in your closet. Once that is done, the reorganization will begin. I will hang (on new hangars that I provide), color code, and separate by season. You will be left with a closet that feels fresh, new, and easy to navigate.

In the end, I will make 4 piles: donate, consign, tailor, and toss. I will take care of the piles for you and supply you with the tax receipt for the donation and send you all the consign information.

The Closet Transformation: 4 hour minimum

Includes the wardrobe edit and closet organization from Closet Awakening and also includes organization and editing of every drawer as well. Your closets and drawers will be color coded, refolded and seasonally arranged. We will go through outfits of your existing clothes and discuss the holes in your wardrobe that need filling.  

I will make 4 piles (same as Closet Awakening) donate, consign, tailor, and toss. I will take the clothes for donate and consign and provide you with the tax deduction receipts and consign information.

The Closet Cleanse: 1 hour minimum

This choice is for people who have previously worked with me and done either the Awakening or the Transformation within the last year. I will come over and I will refresh the organization. I will change out the closet to work in the current season and we can discuss what fashion obsessions you may be missing!